Saturday, October 31, 2015

Newman Consulting - Employment Training & Support


Here is this week’s Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker. 

Newman Consulting helps many across Hawaii find and keep
jobs.  They provide great training for
new hires to significantly increase their chances of success.  And they help the military transition from
active duty to the civilian workforce. 
What a success story!!

Please check it out. 
And if you know of a success story that I can invite to my show please
let me know. 

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Afordable Housing Solution for Hawaii

Very informative discussion on low cost renovations for the elderly!  Aux Dwelling Units (ADU's) is part of the affordable housing solution in Hawaii. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Reg Baker restarts firm and reflects on his time with PKF

The restart of my firm was announced on October 1, 2015.  Truth be told, the firm has been operating continuously since January 1991.  Almost 25 years!! 

I felt that it made sense to focus more on my own business and serving my own clients during the last ten years of my career.  Might even be able to leave a legacy of sorts. 

Please enjoy the article.  And by the way, I am accepting new clients now........

Reg Baker restarts firm and reflects on his time with PKF

Published: October 8, 2015
Reg Baker, former executive committee chairman for PKF Hawaii, is relaunching his CPA firm in Downtown Honolulu.

The Future orf E-Commerce and IT with James Kerr and Tim Caminos

Wow!!  E-Commerce and the future of IT is setting viewer records!!  Despite the first 5 seconds of no sound.......

Here is the most recent Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.  Please enjoy!

Business in Hawaii broadcasts live on Thursday's at 2:00 on and is rebroadcast on several TV stations in Hawaii throughout the month. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Commercial Real Estate in Hawaii

Check out my most recent "Business in Hawaii" show about the Commercial Real Estate Market in Hawaii.  Jamie Brown is one of the leading commercial real state brokers in Hawaii and shares his knowledge of the markets and what the future may hold for Hawaii. 

Beware of Online Business Loans!

Predators are everyone on the internet.  Including products and services to SMB's (Small and Mid-sized Businesses).  Below is one example of potential predator activity written by a colleague of mine.  Frank Knapp and I serve on the SBA's Regulatory Fairness Board and when not busy with SBA activities serves as the President & CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.  Be careful out there!!

Posted: 03 Oct 2015

As a result of the Great Recession the flow of capital to entrepreneurs and small businesses went from a uniform stream to a trickle. Traditional financial institutions largely closed the capital pipeline as they considered small businesses to be too risky a venture.

Even today when banks are saying they have money to lend, the reality is that they only want to make the safest small business loans. With the Great Recession having tanked the personal equity of entrepreneurs and small business owners, these once good-risk customers turned into off-limits applicants.

With this unsatisfied demand for small business capital, the online lending businesses is becoming a significant player in the capital access market.

According to a Wall Street Journal story by Peter Rudegeair and James Sterngold, the online small business lending industry could see 68% increase this year over last year reaching an eye-popping $7.9 billion in loans.

However, the reporters point out that having more online small business lenders brings more aggressive competition and potential problems for those using the service. While brick and mortar institutions proceed with over abundant caution, these online lenders appear to want to throw money at small businesses.

And there is the red flag.

Small business owners who take out online loans are being targeted by other online lenders to obtain more loans and cash advances. According to the WSJ story, the cash advance “annual percentage rates on interest and fees can run to well over 100%.”

While this level of usury doesn’t rise to the obscene predatory lending practices we have seen in the individual market where interest rates are often over 300%, entrepreneurs and small business owners might be the next frontier for profit-hungry online lenders.

Small businesses often need capital to develop and grow. But unwise loans not only can sink a business, they can ruin an entrepreneur and their family’s lives.

Caution is strongly advised when obtaining an online business loan as well as getting help from a reputable business or financial consultant.

UnConflicted is the small business advocacy blog of Frank Knapp, Jr., President & CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce. Visit our website to join, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow the issues affecting small businesses in SC:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Baker leaves PKF to relaunch his Hawaii CPA Firm

From the Pacific Business News

Baker leaves PKF to relaunch his Hawaii CPA Firm
Oct 2, 2015, 2:12pm HST
Lorin Eleni Gill
Reporter- Pacific Business News

Reg Baker, former executive committee chairman for PKF Hawaii, is relaunching his CPA firm
in Downtown Honolulu.

Reg Baker & Company offers wealth management services for small and mid-sized businesses. He
originally opened the firm in 1991.

From then until 2012, the firm was one of the largest in Hawaii, serving over 300 businesses and
preparing 7,000 tax returns annually, with more than 200 employees.

Baker told PBN he is pulling together “some of the best minds in Hawaii.”
“The small and mid-sized business market is sometimes overloaded with information from numerous
sources,” he said. “The SMB market is where I have focused my efforts for close to 25 years. My
Team and I know the SMB market very well and just as importantly, the owners. We have walked in
their shoes and know what keeps them awake at night. We find the best practices that work best for
each individual business. We team with the owners to constantly improve operational results and

The former treasurer, CFO and COO of the Hawaii Medical Assurance Association was recently
appointed chair of the Region IX Regulatory Fairness Board of the U.S. Small Business

Baker’s 25 years of experience include positions at Bank of Hawaii, Arthur Anderson, Price
Waterhouse and Ernst & Young.

Baker joined PKF Pacific Hawaii last October, and his year contract expired in September.
“The past year at PKF Hawaii was interesting and at times challenging,” he said, referring to
pending charges against PKF Pacific Hawaii Managing Partner Patrick Oki . “I worked with some very passionate individuals that just wanted to focus on client service. That helped me to decide to go
back to my roots and relaunch my firm. Being passionate about what you  are doing is vital to

Lorin Eleni Gill covers health care, nonprofits and the University of Hawaii for Pacific Business

Think Tech Hawaii Announcement

Although this is more of the same previously posted, it is nice to receive the well wishes of those you work with.  Thank you Thank you Think Tech Hawaii!!


PKF Reg Baker-Aloha
Reg Baker
Reg Baker CPA, formerly Chairman of PKF Hawaii, today announced the relaunching of his CPA firm that was originally opened in January 1991. Between 1991 and 2012 Reg Baker owned and managed the largest CPA and business services firm in Hawaii serving over 300 businesses and preparing 7,000 tax returns annually. Employing over 200 employees he also owned the third largest payroll processing and HR support firm, managed $55 million in retirement & investment assets and provided contract CFO services for many entities in Hawaii including the Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Clubs and the Girl Scouts.
Specializing in the Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) market and supporting the SMB owners with wealth management services is a natural focus for Reg Baker following over 25 years’ experience serving those markets and customers. Baker is a nationally recognized SMB specialist and currently serves on the national board of Directors for the Small Business Administration (SBA) for Regulatory Fairness, he was recently asked to serve as Chairman for SBA Region IX. He chairs the State Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business and Entrepreneur (SBE) Committee, hosts his own TV show “Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker”, is the Hawaii state Chairman for Junior Achievement of Hawaii and is a member of the University of Hawaii’s Advisory Board for EMBA in Healthcare.
Looks like the small and mid-sized business market is set to gain an excellent ally. Congratulations and good luck to Reg!

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Announcement

Some more visibility (scroll down 1/2 page)! Thank you Hawaii Chamber of Commerce!!
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